When it comes to blending quality and performance in a good institution (or simply school) interior design, it is important for the commercial interior designer to look into these factors.

a) Safety

The number one priority in a good school interior design is none other than safety. Safety comes first than everything. It is important for the designer to deliver its design and building works based on the reason to enhance safety within the commercial property. From the ease of walking around the walkways, corridor and play area. Especially when the classes are done in enclosed areas, the concern will be indoor air quality, whether the materials used are of better indoor air quality certification such as formaldehyde emission rating and so on.

b) Classroom Allocation

The commercial interior designer may need to closely understand the requirement of the teacher-to-student ratio. From there, he or she may suggest or help in the allocation of the classroom spaces, making the classroom optimised for better ease of movement as well as better management of students for the teachers.

c) Regular Maintenance

It is important for the commercial interior designer to constantly remind the school building owner or facility manager to constantly check the building to keep quality standards of the school at its forefront so as to enhance safety even further.  A good commercial interior design for schools will therefore schedule with the owners a timetable for checks when the need arises.

A good quality school or institution interior design may therefore requires  the designer to take safety as the number one priority in the design. On top of that, allocation of spaces is equally important as well.