About Institution Interior Design

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When it comes to blending quality and performance in a good institution (or simply school) interior design, it is important for the commercial interior designer to look into these factors. a) Safety The number one priority in a good school interior design is none other than safety. Safety comes first than everything. It is important [...]

Common Types of Commercial Interior Design in Singapore

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Commercial interior design works perhaps in a highly niche market in terms of Singapore interior design industry. Here are some of the most common types of commercial interior design in Singapore. 1) Office Interior Design The corporate office interior design is one of the most common and frequent today especially when we start to see [...]

Qualities of a Good Office Interior Designer

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You just secured a two year lease of a new office premise, getting ready to start your venture in a new office environment. Talking about the office environment, it is important for business owners to look for an experienced office interior designer who has the knowledge and experience to understand your requirement for the office [...]

Restaurant Interior Design

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In Singapore, F&B and restaurants designs are some of the important factors that attract consumers to the business. Therefore it is important to understand the essential of a good restaurant interior design. #1 Open Concept It is good for the commercial interior designer to create an open concept for the restaurant, so that the passers-by [...]

Stages in a Quality Design Consultancy Services

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What to look for in a quality design consultancy services, some business owners may wonder how design consultants works and what are the stages of design consultancy. Here are the following stages. Gathering Information In the first meeting, it is important for the business owner to provide the commercial design consultant with as much information [...]

Top 3 Office Interior Design Tips

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Designing an office requires much attention into the small details. A good office interior design is not easy nor is it difficult. All it takes is for the interior designer to look into the following details. 1) Optimisation of Space Offices vary in different sizes so it is important for the office interior designer take [...]

Why It Is Important For Building Maintenance?

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A building may have to go through wear and tear over time. Some parts of the building, that are highly exposed to the outdoor rain and shine such as the roofing, the facade and the walls, may be one the parts that require more attention to when it comes to building maintenance. Likewise, for what’s [...]