Setting up a commercial gym room at a condominium, office building or shopping mall? When it comes to designing of a commercial gym room design, the design approach can be slightly different.

1) Make it Spacious

Space is an issue for most gym rooms due to the bulky exercising equipment involved. Take note of your limited space and then as well as the dimension of your exercise equipment. Make sure that your gym looks spacious and not too cramp for the users. Allocate and make your gym stations spacious as well, so that your users may not bump accidentally into one another. In this case, it helps to raise the safety standard of your commercial gym.

2) Must be Easy to Clean and Maintain

Gym goers workout and sweat in the gym rooms on an occasion. Other than asking your members to practise hygience when handling the gym equipments (such as carrying a towel to wipe of their sweat), it is also advisable to have materials that are easy to clean and maintain. One area to look at will be your flooring. Whether it is carpet, laminate flooring or other types of flooring, make sure that they are water resistant and stain resistant, so that it can be easily clean regularly.

3) Long Lasting

Make sure that the furnishing materials are of good impact resistance and scratch resistance, especially the flooring, where constant impact of weights and heavy equipment pressure is always present. Though some high end quality resilient flooring may be easily cleaned but when it comes to scratch or impact resistant, good quality laminate flooring or specialty carpets should be able to help.

In summary, when designing a commercial gym room, the safety, the ease of movement for the users as well as the durability of the gym room are always the top three priority.