Commercial interior design works perhaps in a highly niche market in terms of Singapore interior design industry. Here are some of the most common types of commercial interior design in Singapore.

1) Office Interior Design

The corporate office interior design is one of the most common and frequent today especially when we start to see the rise of new startups and MNCs opening its offices in Singapore. The need for quality office interior design consultants is therefore on its rise as well.

2) Retail Interior Design

Retail interior design projects have also been seen at an increasing rate due to the sprouting of new shopping malls in Singapore. Heartlands shopping malls opens up for more opportunity for retailer brands as well as brand new local brands to set up retail space to increase their retail sales avenue.

3) Schools Interior Design

Private schools as well as the growth of the new universities in Singapore has lead to more design and build works for the schools in Singapore. An experienced school interior designer will therefore has to look into various sector in a school design. One of the most important sector, will be taking into consideration for the safety of the teacher and students.

4) Home Office Interior Design

The rise of the new tech startups who just need a desk and a computer to do the work as well as the rise of the new companies in the online services industry, increase the demand for home office interior design today as well. Companies are seeking experienced designer to design a in-between work and play environment at the comfort of their abode.

5) F&B Interior Design

Restaurants and especially the new modern small cafes that is currently the trend among the young consumers in Singapore, increases the demand for cafe interior designers to design the exquisite cafes for the entrepreneurs. Shophouses are among the popular choices for these modern cafe designs.

So, there you have the 5 most common types of commercial interior design you will find in Singapore today.