An office space is a room or rooms in a building that provide a suitable environment for office operations.

A great office space has a big and a positive impact on workers. One of the positive impact is the increase in the productivity of the workers.

Effects of a bad office space

  • A bad office space puts stress on the worker and drains the worker’s energy.
  • Due to the stress and uncomfortability experienced in the workplace, the worker might fall sick.
  • Productivity is greatly affected as the worker is stressed out and due to sickness as well, cannot contribute positively to the running of the organization he or she works in.
  • A bad office space will make the worker to want to leave the company and to find another job that will make him comfortable. This also helps motivate the worker.
  • Because the productivity of a worker is affected by a bad office space, this also affects the growth of the company.

Ways better office space positively affects the worker and the company

  • A better office space increases the productivity of a worker.
  • If the productivity of a worker improves, this will in turn affect the overall turnover of the company.
  • A great office space promotes better interaction between workers and this helps the company to grow.

Ways of improving the office space

  • Good lighting and ventilation: When designing an office space, good lighting and ventilation should be considered as bad lighting can cause fatigue, eyestrain, headaches and irritability.
  • Tables and chairs: A good office space should have tables and chairs that consider ergonomics. Nobody would want to sit on a chair that would cause them backache.
  • Color and Scent: The color of the office space has a way of affecting the worker’s mood. So a good office space should have the right color combination. Also the scent used in the office affects the worker’s mood, mindset and even productivity. Scents like peppermint, cinnamon, pine, and many others are known to improve productivity as well.
  • An office space should be situated in places where there is minimum noise level and also equipped with good air circulation.

Office space plays a vital role in the lives of many working people. A well planned office is thus important to ensure the whole company works well as a whole.