Nowadays, plain and boring offices are already part of ancient history. Creative office designs are the new hit in the world of interior designing today. It does not only look good on the eyes of the employees and customers, it also brings a good touch to your company’s impressions. Here are few tips to keep in mind as you bid goodbye to your plain boring office and kick start your new artistic production area.


  • Color coordination matters

As you ditch your old office design, you may want to think of the colors that you would want to appear on your new working area. If you would like it to be painted with earthy shades, so be it as long as you are sure that it will be refreshing to the eyes of your employees and clients. On the other hand, bright colors may also be an option as it can instantly lift up the moos and evoke positive emotions on your office employees. If you are a risk taker, you may want to combine earthy shades and bright colors. Metallic shades with touches of primary colors may also be a good choice. Keep in mind that it is important for you to make sure that your colors complement each other when choosing a color combination.


  • Invest on good office desks and chairs.

Focus more on high quality office tables and chairs as they are the key to productivity. Make sure that these materials are not just stylish, but they are also efficient and comfortable. Your choice of furniture must always be favorable for the employees as they work so hard in a day and you would not want to  make things harder for them by providing them with unergonomic office tables and chairs.


  • Create a team building space.

In order to have creative office designs, you must also include an adequate space where employees can boost their creativity. The concept of a collaboration room wherein office workers can sit, relax and share ideas, is something that you must consider. This space will help your employees feel like they belong in a team who works together to achieve a single goal.


  • Plants for oxygen and for aesthetics.

Add some small plants on the corners of your office. You can even place potted plants in office tables. These items aide on freshening the air inside the production area. Additionally, they are also a breathe of fresh air in your workspace. They add a touch of nature on a modern building. It promotes a relaxing feeling for the employees and helps to soften the corporate look of the work area.


  • Allow room for inspirations.

Work is hard definitely, but it becomes easier when you know to whom or to what are you doing it for. Allow room for inspirations. Identify a designated space for a board that will showcase the company’s goals. You may also save a small space on your employees’ working desks for picture frames. They may place the picture of their family or loved ones to have them inspired during a day of work.Creative office designs is more than style and functionality. Sometimes, it extends to the reason why you and your employees are in the office in the first place.


You will be surprised on how happy, productive and relaxed your employees will be just by adding a little creativity on your office area . It will surely make you realize that a change is never too bad for a company.