The interior of any commercial premises is always the face of the company, be it an office, a restaurant or a sports club. A pleasant environment allows customers to be a returning customer, and at the same time it uplifts the employees. Creating a comfortable working environment is an important component of the success of any enterprise.


A modern design office suggests simplicity, functionality and mobility, and the ability to quickly adapt to changes in the company. The design of the working office space is mostly neutral, so as not to interfere with concentration. At the same time, the negotiations can be done more effectively and clearly, to impress the clients and partners. Projecting office design, you must pay special attention to keep the interior and highlight the corporate identity of the company.


Public interiors differ greatly in their function, and the requirements for their design also vary widely. For example, for the interiors of shops, showrooms and boutiques, the main task is to be in the most favorable light to present the highlights, and to emphasize the style of the brand. In designing the bar or restaurant, you must create an atmosphere of comfort coziness, and a place conducive for rest and to communicate with guests. This will ensure the guests will definitely return again and again.


Features of commercial interiors have increased requirements for practicality and durability on all surfaces. Public spaces are visited daily by tens, hundreds, and sometimes thousands of people. Therefore, when designing such spaces, youshould always pay attention to the selection of materials. On the one hand, they must be different in high strength and durability. And on the other, they must also be cost efficient – after all volumes are often ten times more than in the private interior.


In our work, we are often faced with the task of reconstruction and redevelopment of old buildings for modern business premises. In this case, alterations must be made with extreme caution. Adapting the premises to the needs of the modern office, shop or restaurant, we need to take into account the state of load-bearing structures, difficulties in the construction of communications, ventilation, and many more.