Whether you have customers visiting your office for the first time, the tenth time or the hundredth time, it is always important to create a very good impression for them especially when they first step into your office. Your reception area or office lobby is the first place your customers will reach when they are in your office.

Here are some simple tips to make your office reception area more comfortable and welcoming!

  1. a) Comfortable Seats

Source for quality lounge sofas and furnishing so that while your customers is waiting at your reception area, they can feel comfortable.

  1. b) Brand Identity

Especially when the person waiting at your lounge is a potential customer of your customer, creating a strong brand identity at your reception area is all the more important. Place your logo signage prominently at the reception area or install television on the walls of your lobby to play your corporate video to educate the guests about your company. In this way, they will feel more confident about your brand.

  1. c) Welcoming and Neat

The design and shape of your reception counter can also define the “character” of your office. Rounded or curved shaped reception areas works the best, as they look more welcoming as company to edgy and tall reception counters. On top of that, remember to allocate storage space within the reception, so that packages can be stowed properly without making the reception area look messy.

In summary, It is important to do up a quality office reception area so as to create a positive and better customer experience and brand identity for your company!