Your business can’t grow if you and your team aren’t always aiming to deliver a greater value for your clients’ money.

If you find yourself content with a small scale, then by all means, feel free to bypass this advice. To those looking to accelerate profits and ramp up productivity toward eventual expansion, it’s time to push the pace and rethink your space.

Renovations are inevitable. At some point, there will be more to do throughout the day than your present office layout allows your employees to accomplish. At still another, you’ll require more employees than your existing office can comfortably hold. Take a few thoughtful amenities into consideration from the perspective of your clients and employees the next time you need to renovate. Not only will you keep your employees happier, you may end up pleasantly surprised by just how much more gets done.

  • For Privacy: Conference Room

Not every conversation is for all ears. Add a comfortably spacious but simply furnished conference room with thorough soundproofing and a wall-mounted screen and projector for staging presentations. Eventually, you and your managers will need to conduct certain discussions comfortable in the secure notion that eavesdroppers are a non-issue. Conversely, this is an indispensable destination for addressing individual employees in private when circumstances call for it.

  • For Breathing Room: Canteen And Lounge

Be honest with yourself and consider just how much work isn’t getting done each day because employees have to step away to find some sustenance on their breaks. How many times a week do employees lose time on the job because their commute back from lunch ran long?

Keep a decently stocked canteen immediately adjacent to a small, comfortable lounge area. Everyone needs a minute or two throughout the day to recharge before pressing on, and this can also be a great place to encourage relaxed creative inspiration. From Google to Nike, some of the world’s biggest and most successful companies today embrace the idea of keeping spaces devoted to some healthy unwinding conveniently close to where their employees work. Keep the atmosphere light, the canteen well-stocked with some appealing snacks and beverages, and create a culture that makes staying in for lunch and breaks an inviting, preferable notion over venturing off-campus just to snag a bite.

  • For Accommodating Comfort: Toilets And Locker Rooms

Chances are, your office already has at least one washroom. That’s to be expected, but what is the ratio of toilets to employees who need to use them throughout the day? Many managers are ultimately taken aback at just how much productivity their operations lose just because employees have to wait to relieve themselves. Try to have either two washrooms each for men and women respectively, or one sizable restroom for each.

While you’re at it, consider the benefits of an adjacent locker room, if logistics allow. While providing employees with convenient facilities, why not also providing them a place to leave their phones and other unnecessary personal items that leave them no excuse for keeping the distractions at their desks?