How to build an eco friendly office design? Well, for some commercial owners may feel that it is complicated to build an eco friendly office design. In fact, it is not complicated at all. Here are some simple tips of a good eco friendly office interior design.

#1 Add the Green!

What’s more if you can gather potted plants or make a little natural office corner out of it. This not only will beautify the workplace, it also creates a simple breaks area where your staff can relax and unwind in the nature. Adding green also helps to make the office environment pleasant as well.

#2 Let the Lighting Comes!

Full height glass panels are useful in the building of a eco friendly office design. For it allows natural lighting to come into the office space, therefore it keeps the office well illuminated without using too much electric lighting. On top of that, it also enhances focus at work due to the ample lighting. Eco friendly office with ample lighting exposure will help commercial owners to conserve energy and therefore save electricity costs.

#3 Use Eco Friendly Products!

Eco friendly furnishing products and building materials are part of the essentials for a great eco friendly office design. Get your corporate office designer to help your company source for the right building materials with eco friendly accreditation. One good example is The Singapore Green Label. Recycle, renew and reuse the office furniture by engaging your designer to give old furnishing a new look once again! In this way, not only that you would save cost, you will make your commercial spaces look nostalgically perfect!

A quality eco friendly office design requires good coordination work and commitment from both the commercial owner and the design consultant. At times, the material costs for eco friendly building materials may sometimes be seem as relatively higher than conventional non eco-friendly option. However, it is a worthwhile investment for the commercial property in the long run, as a quality eco friendly office design can enhance energy efficiency, save costs as well as contribute to the eco sustainable environment in the long run!