Being green for the office interior design not only helps to improve eco sustainability, it also helps the office owners to save much on the energy costs. There are some simple interior design tips to enhance the green aspect of your office interior design and here they are.

Better Ventilation

Allow better ventilation of air within the compound of the office. However, in hot tropical climate like Singapore, without switching on the air conditioner may be a challenge for many co-workers unless one don’t mind sweating and working at the same time. Therefore better ventilation in an air conditioned office area is recommended. The designer can create a non-aircon space around the office, such as a roof top garden (if space permits) so as to create and enhance natural air quality in the surrounding.

Natural Lighting

Natural light increases one’s work focus and attention level. It makes one less sleepy in the sense. Other than that allowing natural lighting into the office increase work efficiency and also saves energy and electricity costs. To allow natural lighting, the design can use quality glass panels that reduces the heat of the sunlight and at the same time allows lighting to spread within the office area.

Use Eco Friendly Materials

One good example is to install genuine wood flooring in the office, as wood floor does not accumulate dust mites and it’s often recommended for better air quality. There are qualified building material that are LEEDs qualified. In which, if the designer were to create a green building project, such material can be recommended.

Green Plants

Create a natural landscape within your office by installing green plants. Natural landscape not only beautify your working environment, it also make the air in the enclosed area fresher thus giving one more energy at work.

In summary, an eco friendly green office interior design makes your office presentable while at the same time, makes the environment around us, a better place.