When you take a look at the different work places of successful and multinational companies, you will notice that there are potted plants in almost each and every corner. In addition to that, the CEOs of the biggest companies in the world also insist on decorating their office or work area with potted plants. These people is a firm believer of the importance of plants and their benefits in the workspace.According to studies, decorating your office with live plants can provide you with both physical and psychological benefits.


So, do you want the know what is the importance of plants and their benefits in the workspace? Well, read on.


A Healthier Working Environment


Believe it or not, plants are capable in reducing the carbon dioxide levels in any area. Along with the reduction of carbon dioxide comes the reduction of bacteria and dust in the air. Second, live plants can also help in lowering the levels of manmade toxins that are emitted by plastics, carpet, cleaning products and paint. Lastly, plants help to increase the humidity levels of the air by 20%. The more humid the air is, the less likely it is for employees to develop tickly cough and other illnesses. With a healthier working environment, cases of absences will surely be reduced.


Better Employee Productivity

When you incorporate plants in the décor of your office, the space will look a lot calmer, more homey, relaxing and comfortable. The added color that plants can bring can help to reduce employee stress. When they are less stressed, they will become more motivated and their productivity will surely be boosted.


Reduced Noise

Reducing ambient noise is actually the least known advantage of having plants in the workspace. According to various studies, the addition of plants in the workspace décor can lead to reduced background noise of up to about five decibels. With reduced background noise, employees will be able to focus more and concentrate on their tasks.


Good Working Relationships

As mentioned above, the sight of plants can help to foster a more relaxing environment. The more relaxing the workspace is, the less stressed the employees are and there will be high chances that they can establish a more harmonious relationship with their colleagues.


Lesser Energy Bills

Correct placement of plants helps to reduce energy bills. When the air is kept fresh and clean, the work area will feel colder and more comfortable thus reducing the need for air conditioning systems.  


Recommended Plants For Your Office

Now that you know the importance of plants and their benefits in the workspace, it is the perfect time for you to incorporate the use of plants in various areas of your office. Keep in mind that you cannot just place any type of plants at the office space. Why is this so? Well, this is because you have to take into consideration some special environmental conditions including air conditioning and the lack of sunlight and oxygen. With this in mind, some of the recommended office plants include aloe vera, succulents, cactus, rubber plant and peace lily.