It is very crucial that you feel comfortable in your office since it is a place where you spend majority of your time in. Taking the above fact into consideration, planning your office space becomes very critical. However, it is being overlooked most of the times. The fact is, efficient planning of your office space can boost your productivity levels as well as prevent all the stop-gaps you encounter during your day to day operating practices. Given below are a few tips that will help in successful planning of your office space.


In order to successfully plan your office work place, you must take into consideration a number of factors such as the volume of the staff, budget, parking space, etc. Other factors like the amount of private offices, storage areas & restrooms also need to be factored in. Construct various work settings. The truth is, even the smallest work places require variety. Ensure that the work, collaboration and meeting spaces are properly organized in the office. This will greatly impact the productivity & creativity of your employees in a good way.


Prior to deciding on where you will be placing all your office components, assess the location of your electrical outlets, in addition to plugs & phone jacks. You must do this before moving any file cabinets or desks. Also, assess all the technical equipment that is required.


During the planning process for your office, you do not want everything to look overcrowded or cramped up. In order to stay productive, you need to be comfortable when working in the office. The office which is too cold or too hot is also likely to affect productivity.


It is also important to ensure that the environment in the office remains inviting at all times. There must be pictures hanging on the wall along with plants around the office space. These will lighten up moods during the working hours, hence increasing productivity levels. Future plans must also be taken into account. How much space will it take to grow the office further? And there must be sufficient space set away separately for this. So, it is essential to estimate your business growth well in advance to avoid any concerns in the future. You must make a strategy on how the office space will be able to accommodate the additional space required in the future.


Despite the fact that the planning of your office space involves you looking at the office as one, it is also crucial to allow the employees to customize their own private office cubicle. This will allow more creativity and hence leading to better work attitude and productivity.