Designing a world class restaurant design with the best dining experience is what many restaurant owners want in mind. Here are some of the areas to take note of in order to create the best possible restaurant interior design.

#1 Kitchen

So what’s cooking at the kitchen? The kitchen is the most important area of the restaurant, therefore it is important to design it properly. By understanding the manpower of your culinary team, an experienced restaurant design consultant can then properly help to plan the space well for the kitchen as well as the allocation of the cabinets, wok stations and so on. In this manner, there would be smooth flow of operations and the dishes can be delivered to the patron on time. Better space allocation is all the more important especially if you are creating an open concept kitchen in the restaurant for the guests to view the chefs, sou chefs and helpers doing their work.

#2 The Dining Area

The dining area is of course the other important area for this is where the diners, your wait staff and captains would be. Therefore, allocation of your dining tables and chairs is essential to make sure that your staff and patrons have space for themselves. A poorly plan restaurant layout may result in cramped areas and unease of movement with the restaurant. Depend on the mood you plan to set for the restaurant, if you are going for a romantic fine dining atmosphere, then cove warm lighting with elegant chandelier lamps fits the play. Hang some decorative items on the walls to enhance that ambience. The colour of your furnishing, walls and flooring also plays a role in setting the brand experience too.

#3 The Unseen Areas?

There are many things that may affect the brand image of your restaurant if not done properly. First and foremost, is the restaurant toilet. If the toilet is not designed properly in a clean or elegant manner especially when the pungent smell is let off into the dining area, this might leave a bad impression on your guests. Therefore, a good ventilation system design for the toilet as well as the kitchen is important so as to make sure that your guests can also smell the beautiful aroma of your food.

In quality restaurant interior design, it is important to look into the kitchen, the dining area as well as any unseen areas that need to be taken care of, in order to give a professional brand image to your restaurant!