A good office interior design synchronises your brand image into every little detail of the design. While it takes a lot of information gathering from the design consultant part to come up with an unique office design, colour and feel that makes your brand speak in a more prominent manner.

Here are some tips for create the best office interior design with a strong brand positioning.

1) Colour of Your Brand

Your brand colour is one of the key factors in determining the best possible office interior design with brand positioning. Let the experienced design consultant study your brand logo, tell him or her how did the logo comes about. The designer will therefore design something that is uniquely synchronised with your brand image and colour

2) Your Brand Direction

Herein lies the story of your brand. How to integrated that your brand story into parts of your office such that your employees can deeply embraced. If the business has a long heritage value,  why not share a part of that heritage history into a part of the office interior?

3) Working Environment

What kind of working environment does your brand portray? If your brand has a young and dynamic workforce, then a fun  lively working environment may be something you may wish to portray. You can use bright colours to enhance that work environment image. If you want to portray a luxurious and sophisticated working environment, perhaps you can add more stately interiors into your office to portray that brand image.

4) The Customer Experience

Not to forget the most important thing is your customer experience. What you want them to expect the moment they step into your office. From the office reception, to the pathway to the meeting room, to your office pantry or washroom, all of these adds a little plus points to your customers. However, another important factor, will be your customer service as well.

At the end of the day, a good office interior design goes hand in hand with your brand positioning. Therefore, invest on an experienced office design consultant so as to give your office interior design the best of the best.