An office is a room where administrative or other kinds of work are done. Most people work in offices, and hence, offices are where they spend quite a huge amount of their time in.

Office design is the layout or configuration of an office. This determines how a worker’s work space will look like. Office interior design, on the other hand, deals with how the components (such as chairs, tables, sofas, flowers, lighting, etc) in an office are arranged to make the office conducive for work.

These days, companies or big corporations that can afford the services of commercial interior design companies use their services to create office designs and office interior design that imparts positively on the overall productivity of workers. A great office interior design will reflect your core values and strategic objectives and will increase staff productivity.

The commercial interior design companies incorporate comfortability, lighting, temperature regulation and control, and some other factors in their designs to create the great office that every worker will want to be working  in.

So in what ways can office design improve the productivity of workers? Here are a few tips:

  • Lighting: This is one of the most important factors that help workers stay focused and inspired, yet it’s one of the most overlooked. Fatigue, headaches, eyestrain etc., are the effects of bad lighting. Depression can result from dark spaces.
  • Furniture: Workers need to use comfortable tables and chairs to stay focused in their work. If not, they will be hindered by badly designed or arranged furniture which will greatly affect productivity.
  • Room color and Temperature: Our moods and brain function are affected by the colors around us. So choosing the right colors for your work space has the ability to affect your productivity.
  • Noise: Noise can be very distracting. It also affects your ability to stay focused on task. Your ability to maintain productivity becomes far more difficult as noise raises stress levels.
  • Quality of air and scents: Offices are usually air-conditioned, hence it is impossible to open the windows to air the entire place. To ensure good air quality, one can consider adding scents to your work space to jar your mind into staying focused. Essential oils are recently growing in popularity in the office. Growing plants in small pots in the office can also help in cleaner air and at the same time, make the office look better aesthetically!