According to a research study, The Human Spaces report into The Global Impact of Biophilic Design, it explains how the wellbeing and productivity of the workforce can be directly caused by how well the office environment is designed. Though this argument may invoke different sides of opinions, some part of the report can be still be true. This is because a good office interior design may lead to a good working environment, which will therefore increases focus at work and productivity.

Here are 3 tips to make your working environment more conducive.

#1 Go with Natural Lighting

Design your office space in such a way that ample amount of natural light can come into it. Install quality glass floor to ceiling windows so as to allow more light in. In this way, it helps you to conserve energy while as the same time increases focus at work.

#2 Make Private Spaces Among a Spacious Concept

Nobody like to be “monitored” by the boss, manager or supervisor. Office workstations that are too open will often lead to less productivity at work. Therefore, make your workstation private spaces for your individual employee. While doing so, keep a spacious concept for better movement among your operations. In this way, your employee will feel more confident in his or her private space while they can roam free in the spacious office environment at the same time.

#3 Introduce “Breaks” Points

Your employees need to take a break occasionally during the duration of his or her daily work. It is best to introduce breaks points or recreation areas in some parts of your office space. Put some natural plants or install a small little koi fountain in a corner of your office; or you can also design a rooftop garden facilities for the office if it has ample space for it. These break points can help your employees to feel relaxed during “stressful” moments and then increase their productivity and working speed when they go back to their work.

In summary, when researchers are still finding out whether good office interior design can truly bring about better productivity in the workforce. What we think is most important at this moment, is to create the best possible office space for your employees. Happy working!