It’s pantry time! Often, the office pantry design is one of the areas in which business owners or even commercial design consultants left out. However, the importance of pantry can also be quite essential.

Benefits of a Simple Office Pantry

A simple office pantry design helps to enhance communication between your co-workers at the office. It is not just about work, work and work. Sometimes, it can be good to share a chat over a cup of 3-in-1 coffee with your colleague in the morning before starting your work. A pantry with a small dining area helps to enhances helps to improve positive peer influences among the co-workers.

The other benefits of the office pantry is that it adds as a simple break point where the co-workers could wind down and relax a little if the work has caused him or her some stress. Therefore improving office workforce productivity indirectly.

Creating Quality Office Pantry Design

First and foremost,  when you are allocating space for your office pantry, always make sure that it is accessible to the water piping and electric points. Depending on the size of your pantry area, your design consultant will create a good number of storage cabinets and drawers to hold your Milos, Maggis and what you can find in a fully equipped office panty. The building materials used in the office pantry area has to be of high quality standard with a strong resistance to water and heat. This is because the pantry is considered a wet area of the office. Hence it is not advisable to install wood flooring in the pantry which can be very vulnerable to water.

In a nutshell, designing a quality office pantry is essential. This is because it may help to increase cohesiveness among your employees while at the same time acts as a break point for your staff to rest and relax from the daily stress at work. So create that office pantry today!