What are the common issues that commercial tenants faced during the office reinstatement process? Find out what are those and how a credible office reinstatement company can assist them in resolving it!

1) The design is not similar to original condition

This happens so when the landlord wanted certain part of the office to be reinstated with the same building materials again such as the carpet tiles or wood panels. When the supplier of the building materials may not be around anymore or the designs were already outdated. It is important for the tenant to discuss with the landlord on the alternative materials and usually most landlords are find with the arrangement.

2) Wear and tear issues

With regards to wear and tear matters, it is important for both the landlords and tenants to communicate well before the handling and taking over of the office unit. There are areas that will have a higher probability of wear and tear issues in which the tenants and landlords have to be made aware of, in case of any misunderstanding, in the future. Therefore, it is also important to engage a credible office reinstatement contractor to address the wear and tear issues with quality materials and workmanship, so that the tenant will have a smooth handover of the unit to the landlord.

#3 More Than One form of Contact

Especially when the landlord or its agents have more than one person handling the property, or the previous building agent had already left the landlord’s company during the midst of the office unit tenancy. This often leads to unsure of the condition of the reinstated office unit from the landllord’s new agent. Therefore, during the tenancy period, it is important for landlord and its agents to do their regular checks on their units especially when there is entrant of new staff in their company. In this way, proper communication among the landlord, its agent, the tenants as well as the office reinstatement company is handled efficiently.

In a nutshell, often during or after the office reinstatement process, some common issues may occur. Most importantly, is to handle it cool and steadily with proper communication between the landlord and the tenants.