Having and occupying an office space is easy, but effectively using that space optimally, is difficult. Since the space we occupy define who we are, our creative capabilities and behaviours, it is only right to optimize and organize that space the best way we can in order for it to benefit us immensely.

So, if you are thinking of ways to optimize the office space, here are a few ideas to use:

  • Remove partitions or walls: An office without walls or partitions supports instant and constant communication between staff. This gets everyone involved as there are no locked doors and no walls to hide behind.


  • Use rounded furniture: The use of rounded furniture instead of straight-edged types has been linked to positive emotions which is advantageous to creativity and productivity.


  • Put things together: For example, things that are shared by workers such as the printer and the photocopier should be put in a different section and out of the way of the workers and customers or visitors.


  • Create filing storage space: If your organization stores regularly accessed documents/files, you might consider getting a bulk storage filing unit such as an office storage cupboard or a storage room if your organization is required to keep documents which are not accessed regularly for long.


  • Use a good color and light combination: Making the right choice of color and lighting combination for your office is one of the ways your office environment can improve its performance. Different light and color levels have different psychological effects, so the best thing is to install a lighting system that gives you the choice to alter the hue and brightness of your room to suit your kind of work.


  • Make use of windows: It is good to use windows with a view, preferably with greenery, or parks. Windows also allow natural sunlight to penetrate into the office, and this helps to bring some life to the office environment and thus affecting the mood of the employees positively.