We had come across enquiries of commercial property owners who are looking at renovating a new or existing factory in Singapore. It is important for the new factory owner to look for a professional and experienced commercial design consultant to assist him or her in coming up with a quality factory renovation.

A factory renovation may look similar to office renovation, retail renovation or other commercial renovation but here are some details the commercial owner and their commercial design consultant needs to know.

#1 Zoning of Factory

It is important for the design consultant and its contractors to understand the type of business zone the factory is situated. For example, if it is considered heavy industrial or light lndustrial or warehouse sector. Get an experienced design consultant who understands the rules and regulation in a typical factory zone, so that they can carry out the right renovation in a fast, efficient and safe manner.

#2 Building Maintenance Check

Whether your company is taking over a new or existing factory building, it is essential to do a thorough factory building maintenance check. Therefore, an experienced design consultant who is also a building maintenance expert, will value to your factory renovation. This is because they can spot potential building hazards and rectify them immediately. In this way, your business can just focus on the operation right after the factory has been renovated. This is because the factory building has been thoroughly assured of the quality standards before and during the renovation period.

#3 Allocation of Spaces

The commercial design consultant will assist you in allocating and optimizing the spaces. You got to let the design consultant knows about the dimension of your machines (if any), the storage racks, the size of your product inventory, the number of workforce in your management, your operations, your logistic and so on. By having a deeper understanding from the information you had furnish to the commercial design consultant, he or she can therefore come out with the best possible space allocation concept for your new factory.

In summary, renovating a new factory requires a specialised and experienced commercial design consultant and building maintenance contractor to make sure that the renovation of the factory is of high quality standard. So, happy searching!