Time and time again, it has always been a challenge for commercial reinstatement companies to bring about the best responsible, efficient and minimal wastage in their reinstatement projects. Some may just focus on turning the office, factory, shop or commercial premise into a bare unit so that the client can hand over it to the landlord. That is it, the idea of recycling and proper handling of waste may not come into mind as these may be high in terms of cost and labour.

However, they are also some responsible reinstatement contractors out there who believe that proper handling of waste is as important as building a company. This is because what comes around goes around. Mishandling of waste management may lead to possible damage to the environment as well as the client may incur a possible fine if waste is not handled properly and professionally. Therefore, engaging a professional and responsible commercial reinstatement contractor is important.

Here are what the reinstatement contractor would do.

Dismantling and “Re-sizing” The Bulky Items

Hacking the dry walls, used office furniture, tiles, cabinets and shelves can be a labour intensive work. Dismantling the items is just the first step as the reinstatement contractor and their workers have to make sure the waste are not bulky. This is because for most NEA (National Environment Agency) certified rubbish dump, may not accept waste items that is too bulky. Therefore, the responsible reinstatement contractor may have to resize the bulky items into the right sizes for dumping.

Manpower and Labour Intensive Work

During the peak period where many commercial tenants were looking for office reinstatement contractors (usually at the period after Chinese New Year), most reinstatement companies may have many projects on hand with limited manpower resources. On top of that, most reinstatement projects have to be done within a very tight schedule as well as within a certain time period of a day based on the building management policy. Therefore, overtime labour charges may incur for such a labour intensive project. The commercial customer therefore may have to look for a responsible commercial reinstatement contractor who have the right amount of manpower for your project.

Transportation and Logistic

The commercial reinstatement contractor and its workers may also require to carry the items into the loading and unloading bay and transport them to the designated dumping areas. In order to make sure that the waste disposal is handled properly and efficiently, the responsible reinstatement contractor sometimes may have to arrange its subcontractors such as metal bin disposal contractor and container drivers to do the job. They may also take care of the logistic by temporarily store some of the useful, recyclable items such as a slightly used office furniture which can still be refurbished and reused.

Housekeeping, Check and Handing Over

A responsible commercial reinstatement will also do proper housekeeping to make sure the premise is thoroughly clean and no waste are not properly handled, basic utilities are checked to be working and then inform the client that the reinstatement project has been completed.

In summary, it is paramount to employ experienced and responsible commercial reinstatement contractor who not only make sure the reinstatement works are done properly, professionally and promptly, they also helps, in an indirect way, in better waste management to contribute to a better environment!