In Singapore, F&B and restaurants designs are some of the important factors that attract consumers to the business. Therefore it is important to understand the essential of a good restaurant interior design.

#1 Open Concept

It is good for the commercial interior designer to create an open concept for the restaurant, so that the passers-by can see what’s dining inside. An open concept does not mean a totally windowless concept, it means that glass partitions can be used widely to give a ‘open’ alfresco concept to it.

#2 Colour to be Appertising

When it comes to food, the branding and the restaurant design concept has to be appealing or appertising to the taste buds. A good example will be the McDonalds’ yellow and red logos that kind of like telling consumers how tasty the burgers were. Take into consideration your brand colour and make the entire restaurant design in synchronization with it!

#3 Seating Arrangement

Your seating arrangement of your dining tables and chairs are of utmost importance. Give space for your wait staff to serve the patrons by not clamping the tables and chairs together. Comfort of the dining experience has to be your top priority rather than fully utilisation of every bit of your restaurant interior space.

#4 Kitchen Power!

A good restaurant interior design will always take consideration of the kitchen space. Ease of movements, placement of stoves,cooking equipments, utensils, freezers and so on, are important for the chef and the cooking team. So therefore, look into the size of your cooking team, and determine and design the best possible kitchen cabinets Singapore interior design for them.

#5 Safety First

Always remember that safety always comes first. Therefore, you may need to focus more on getting materials with high safety standards for your restaurant such as hygiene, slip resistance, impact resistance and so forth.

In summary, a restaurant is not enough if it only serves good food or has good people. The attractiveness of the restaurant interior design is also equally important to wow the crowd into the restaurant. Bon appetit!