One of the most popular retail sectors in Singapore and in most developed nations, is the fashion retailer sector. Competition is hence, more intense for businesses in this sector. Retail interior design for these fashion clothing shops are therefore quintessential to make one fashion brand unique and different from the others.

Here are some retail interior design tips for a fashion clothing shop

1) Theme

Just like interior design, there are too many genre in terms of fashion clothes. There can be modern, korean, flowery and many others. So therefore it is important for the fashion retailer to articulate his or her design requirement based on the genre of its brand fashion collection, so that the commercial interior design can better create the best possible retail interior design that match the theme.

2) Make Use of Every Space

Space to every fashion retailer can be a challenge. It is good to employ an experienced commercial interior designer who is also well versed in carpentry and storage works. This is because the commercial designer can help to build shelves and racks that are within easy reach to the customers and also hidden storage spaces that are well concealed to the customers and highly useful for the shop owners.

3) Lighting and Design Complements

In a quality fashion shop interior design, lighting and the design of the lamp plays a part in shaping the customer perception of the fashion brand. Use lighting that enhances illumination and emphasis on your clothes. Spots lights may be used subtly to bring out the design elements of your clothes. A black chandelier hanging in the middle of your fashion shop brings out a neo-classical design feel and look for your shop. As mentioned above, depending on the theme which you want to give to your shop, the shop interior designer will therefore select the lighting that is suitable for your design.

In summary, quality fashion shop interior design in the fashion industry requires three main essentials from the designer which are firstly, design to the theme of the fashion brand. Secondly, fully make use of the every space and thirdly, proper allocation of lighting and lamps to bring out the design essence of your fashion shop. So, put on your fashion sense today!