Congratulations on getting your new retail space! No matter how big or small the size may be, a good designed retail space will make the difference. When designing your retail space for your new business, just follow these tips closely.

Tip #1: Brand Identity

Retail space strong represents your brand identity. By having a unique design, your customers can therefore differentiate your brand from your competitors’ brands easily. Takes care of the colour of your retail space whether they are in line with your brand logo or not. Brand identity also represents the ‘character’ of your brand. If your brand identity represents strength an energy, you can add some bright colours into the retail space in order to add some liveliness into it!

Tip #2: Create Wonderful Experience

Always put yourself in the shoes of your customers. What is the feeling you want them to have the moment they step into your store? What’s the first thing they might see and then the next one in this entire experience. In this sense, create shelves that made your products easily accessible to the shoppers, adding a colourful variety of product showcases to add on to that feel good experience from the customers.

Tip #3 Leave The Clutter

The worst experience for any retail customers is to see piles of retail merchandise lying all over the shop. This might be quite commonly seen in whole fashion shops but even for some non-wholesale shops, they might be not neat in the perspective of the customers. Therefore,  you have to keep the right amount of merchandise for your shoppers to browse and most importantly, have a large enough well ventilated storage space to keep your inventory so that they would not be seen by the customers. The clutter here also can refer to colours and designs; try to follow a keep it simple approach so that the colours and design would be just nice and pleasing to the eyes.

In summary, a good retail interior design is all about thinking on the perspective of the customers and into ways on how to create that feel good experience for them!