During the renovation period of the school, if not handled properly, sometimes unseen dust particles and dirt particles may be flying around thereby causing a mess in the school environment. Therefore, it is very important to engage a commercial design consultant who will be able to carry out the school renovation project in a safe and proper manner.

Here is what the school management and the design consultant can do together hand in hand to ensure a better and safer environment for the students during the renovation period.

#1 Notify the Parents and Students

It is always good to notify the parents and students of the school renovation period, weeks before the commencement of the renovation. In this , they will be more prepared for it when renovation starts.

#2 Renovate During Off School Period

The renovation can be planned in advance and commence during off school periods such as the school holidays or after school hours. In this manner, the effects of the renovation works may not affect most of the students and teachers especially when noise and dust particles can be rather disturbing during the school hours.

#3 Proper Protection on Site

It is the responsibility of the commercial design contractor to make sure that the renovation site is properly restricted to only authorised workers and personnel at all time. Proper signage has to be hanged outside the site so that the pupils who passed by can notice it. The school, on their end, can also advise the students not to go to the restricted areas as renovation is still ongoing.

#4 Ventilate the Work Areas

The commercial design consultant has to make sure the site is properly ventilated, so that the air quality can be regulated to a safe level. In order to prevent the dust and sand particles from flying around, the contractor can use heavy plastic sheeting or temporary walls to block them.

#5 Use of Eco Friendly and Safe Building Materials

Depending on the responsibility of the commercial renovation contractor , the use of eco friendly building products contribute greatly to a safer and healthier environment for the school. Use products or adhesive that emits zero or less volatile organic compounds (VOC) so as to make the air quality of the site safer.

#6 Do Your Housekeeping!

Daily housekeeping is a must for the renovation contractors’ team. Make sure that no debris is seen laying around as this could cause potential hazards and accidents. Any waste incurred has to be properly disposed of in designated waste disposal zones.

In a nutshell, the school management may have to engage a commercial design company that has professional experience in handling school renovation projects in a safe and efficient manner.