Just got a new office space but not sure how to go about the designing process? In this article, you’ll understand more in depth about the steps in space planning concept of your office design. Here are some important questions to ask your design consultant during the concept planning stage.

The size of your management team

The number of management team you have, determines the number of director’s room as well as the manager’s rooms your office tend to have.

How Many Departments Do You Intend To Have?

The most ideal office space planning layout will be having one room per department, and by attaching a manager office to each department room.

Number of Workstations

Based on the number of permanent staff (below manager’s level) you have , will hence determine the number of office workstations you wish to allocate in your office space.

A Pantry or a Canteen?

The size of your pantry area is also determined by the total number of your employee and management. If your company has more than 100 employee, then a small pantry may not be enough for all. For such case, a medium sized canteen may be a right solution.

Meeting Room Size

After you have allocated the pantry, manager’s room and workstations, it’s also important to determine the number of meeting rooms you wish to have. For any company, it’s always recommended to have more space to hold meeting on a large scale as well as a few more meeting rooms to hold the smaller meetings.

Server Room and Reception

After all office function are being considered, it is also vital to determine the size of your server room (if any) or your reception area. Your reception size is also determined by the size of your workforce. For smaller areas, reception area may not be necessary, perhaps just a two chairs space is good enough.

So there you have, the questions to be considered when doing the space concept planning for your new office with your office designer. Enjoy the process of designing!