More and more companies are starting to adapt the open floor office layout. CEO’s and company owners opt for this type of layout because it is a lot less expensive to furnish and build. In addition to being economical, this design actually helps in boosting productivity, reducing stress and promoting collaboration in the work area.


The Beauty of An Open Floor Plan

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider incorporating open concept office designs in your work area:


  • It promotes better workspace collaboration.

In the standard office design, it is easier for employees to keep to themselves since they can just simply come to work and then shut their office doors closed. When the office incorporates an open office layout, the employees will be aware of what is happening around the office and with their colleagues. Because of this, they can be able to just simply seek help from their colleagues or lend a helping hand anytime.

  • It improves employee communication.

Cubicles and partitions can make employee interaction feel intimidating. Plus, entering an office just to talk to your colleague may seem to be too much of a work for some. With an open concept design, it will be easier for employees who do not usually interact with each other to start a conversation.

  • It offers flexibility in layout designs.

One of the best benefits of incorporating open concept office designs is it enables flexibility. In the event that the current layout does not work for you or you have discovered a better layout, you can just easily change the layout of the office space without having to install or re-install furniture and cubicles.


How To Improve Your Open Office Design

If you have incorporated some open concept office designs in your workspace and you are still not reaping the benefits mentioned above, here are some ways on how you can further enhance your open office layout:


  • Incorporate some quiet zones.

The daily hustle and bustle in your office can sometimes get into your employees. Surely, they will need some time out from time to time. Make sure to incorporate some quiet zones in your open office design so that they will have some space where they can shut out all the office noise and concentrate on the task at hand.

  • Use glass walls for employee cubicles.

At times, being out there in the open can become distracting for your employees. This is why it is a must that you maintain balance between openness and privacy. One great way to provide your employees with some sense of privacy without making them feel boxed in is to use glass walls for their cubicles.

  • Design for time outs.

Your employees’ health can certainly take its toll in being at the office for long hours. Because of this, it is best that you design your office space for some time outs. Some of the ways on how you can do this is through the use of treadmill desks, standing desks and some break out spaces.


The best thing about an open office plan is that it gives you lots of room for improvement. Consider these open concept office designs on your next renovation and provide your employees with a working environment that can boost their productivity.