When it comes to office design, many people will try to find out what others are doing so that they can somewhat replicate the ideas and use them in their own organization. Here are some of the current office design trends.


Technology has continued to eliminate the barriers of the work place, thus allowing for more flexible spaces and work schedules, office interior designs, open floor plans, shared office arrangements and so on. Hoteling and touchdown spaces will also continue to increase. The advent of cloud computing among technological gadgets such as tablets, phones and computers has reduced the need for much filing cabinets and storage, and will continue doing so as its popularity increases.

Amenities Room

The addition of prayer or nursing rooms within the design of an office is a rising trend. Because employees spend most of their time in the office, there is an increasing need for rooms where they can take a few minutes for themselves to unwind. Such spaces are usually small and designers often allow for one or two chairs.

These rooms, however, are not common in small organizations. They are more often found in offices of large companies or organizations with large number of personnel.

Collaboration spaces

Open plan offices are now becoming trendy in office design. This is because companies now want to make the most use of available space and office designers have discovered that this cannot be achieved if everyone is given their own private cubicles. An open plan office design will also allow for more employees to fit into small spaces, thus allowing for expansion.

Your office design needs to reflect the needs and shifting expectations of your employees. Hence, it is helpful to employ the help of commercial interior designers who can better understand your design needs. This will in turn bring about an increase in overall productivity of the business, as well as attracting and retaining the best talents and clients.