Lighting is the important element for your office interior design. It is the paramount factor that determines the productivity as well as the focus of your workforce. Imagine a faulty flickering lighting in the office which has not been repaired for the past many months, such may cause dizziness and loss of concentration at work. Therefore, it is important for commercial property owners and their design consultants to carefully design an effective lighting solution for the office.

Understanding the Types of Artificial Lighting Solution

There are plenty of lighting solutions and each of the lighting solution have different function in the office interior design. The most basic lighting solution of all is task lighting. Task lighting plays a simple function to shine on the object such as the laptop, desktop or documents so that the employees can focus clearly on it. One good example of task lighting will be the table lamp.

Another type of artificial lighting solution is ceiling lights, where its main function is to illuminate the room with just enough lighting. It is important for the design consultant to even out the allocation of the ceiling lights in an optmised manner. So that the lighting coverage will be just right for the entire office area.

Another type of lighting is perhaps the ambience lighting or decorative lighting. It may be the typical LED designer lighting or chandelier. These lighting may not be suitable for the workplaces but if you have a recreation lounge, such type of lighting might be recommended.

Natural Lighting is also Essential

Natural lighting is also an essential part of your lighting solution. As studies have shown that natural lighting helps to increase focus, attention and therefore productivity at work. Allowing natural light can also help to kill bacteria as well thus increasing the indoor air quality of your office.  Therefore,  it is often recommended for commercial business owners to rent or buy an office unit with good allowance of natural lighting. Your design consultant can install tall glass windows so as to attract ample amount of natural light into your office space.

In a nutshell, different types of lighting solution plays a different role and function in your office space. Hence, engage an experienced design consultant to help you design the best lighting solution for your office so as to bring about better productivity for the workforce!