Closets are great for storing all sorts of items. In homes, you would see wardrobes within bedrooms that create a designated spot for keeping clothes and keeps the room neat and tidy. There are many wardrobe interior design ideas, and some would be great for storage in bedrooms. Here are 3 of some wonderful wardrobe design ideas which can be used as inspiration for your very own at home!

1. Small Bedrooms

Small-sized bedrooms are not necessarily a bad thing, as it can give off a very cosy feel to it. There are many interesting and innovative ways to maximise the space allocated for a closet, and you do not need to hack down walls or combine rooms just to have a functional and beautiful wardrobe.

pole system wardrobe

This is an example of how you can have a compact yet space-efficient wardrobe in your room. This is a built-in wardrobe that has doors that open on both sides to unveil the entire wardrobe collection. Filled with drawer compartments to store accessories or intimates and with hanging racks for your tops and dresses, It even comes with shelves to keep shoes and other items of clothing. If you happen to have extra space, those compartments can turn into a display shelve to further enhance the look of your wardrobe and make it aesthetically pleasing. Since the important factor for small bedrooms is space, it is very important to utilise as much space as possible, and building vertically is the best way to gain more space compared to building horizontally. This is a beautiful way of keeping things with limited space constraints.

2. Medium Bedrooms

Medium-sized Bedrooms are very flexible to work with, as you can work with a variety of types of wardrobes, depending on how much free space you would like to have and how much space you would require for item storage.

wardrobe design Singapore

Here is a wardrobe that utilises the pole system wardrobe to create a closet design that feels very spacious. It utilises an open concept to create the illusion of having more space in the room. This is a very versatile system as you can customize the size and build of the shelves to your liking easily. You can store items that aren’t used or worn very often at the top and have your clothes such as tops and dresses hanging on poles while your bottoms can be stored in either drawers or shelves. A tip is to keep the items that you do not use often at harder to reach areas, and those that you use daily or often within eye level or reach to better facilitate dressing up every morning or for any occasion. This system is very popular as it is flexible and easy to move the compartments on your own without having to call for a contractor to dismantle it. This is a very modern and beautiful way of storage solutions for bedrooms.

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3. Large Bedrooms

Large Bedrooms give one a lot of space to work with, and even if you have a single, queen or king-sized bed, you can have any kind of wardrobe in your room. Usually, bigger bedrooms will have a bigger closet to facilitate more space and make it easier to store items and find them as it is less congregated and crammed in an area.

wardrobe interior design Singapore

Here is an idea for a walk-in closet design, which is perfect if you would like to have a designated spot where you can have all your clothes and accessories, and have a beautiful mirror to see yourself in. There are many ways to have a built-in wardrobe, using sliding see-through or opaque doors, fold-out doors and even curtains. Inside, you can have a spot for sitting with cushions or a comfy chair or sofa so that you can sit while thinking about what to wear, or lay them out while deciding on a combination of outfits to wear. With a built-in wardrobe, you can have more space to display items in shelves and store clothes in racks and cabinets as well as drawers. You can even have specific drawers for ties, watches and jewellery. This is a way where you can utilise the space in the bedroom to create a nice spot that is designated just for dressing up every single day.


These are just a few of many possible ideas to jazz up your room with a wardrobe that serves your needs. It is good to consult an experienced professional on your room’s wardrobe interior design so that they can advise you on the best type of wardrobe to meet your needs as well as give your room a wonderful makeover. There are a multitude of systems and options available to serve any kind of look that you might want to build your dream room with.


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